Broken Women Broken Nation

She sees the street lights and city nights, forever restless in street life.

She has a broken heart
Men who broke it apart

Don’t tell me that that doesn’t matter cause sufferings not her nature.
It’s not her nature to be degraded, to be hated, to be cursed, to be used and abused like an object. Don’t change the subject, why do we enslave her like we own her when her purpose is so much greater. Why do we take away her freedom when she was the one who gave us ours.

It’s time for men to act like men and it’s time for fathers to be a father. It’s time for a change in this nation and it’s time for our women to be healed.


2 thoughts on “Broken Women Broken Nation

  1. This is a gorgeous manifesto. I love your internal rhyme. I like that “her” in your second stanza is so universal, speaking both to an individual woman, as well as our country. Well done.

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